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Our customers are business owners who want to obtain money for their business through business financing and business credit building.

With an arsenal of lenders and our core funding programs we increase your chances of quickly getting the funding you need for your business.

We have members that toiled for years trying to build their business credit. You can get basic reporting vendors and things like Staples cards, but if you don't do it exactly right that is pretty much all you will get. If you’re looking to build real business credit in the fastest time possible, it is simply impossible to get the results on your own that we can produce with our vendor contacts and our experience.

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The first step in building business credit is to see what is on your business credit reports now. The Finance Suite makes this very easy, and free to do.

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Our Premium Services - The Business Credit Experts

The Six Step Process


Step 01: Build Business Credibility

Almost all lenders keep their underwriting guidelines secret. As a result most business owners who apply for financing are denied as they don’t meet some of the lenders requirements for approval.

In step 1 we actually reveal the lenders secret formula for approval. We go through all 20 credibility points that lenders look at on their business funding application, and help insure you meet or exceed their requirements for approval. By helping you meet lending requirements before you even apply, you then stand the best chance of approval.

In step 1 you will complete an online application. Along the way we help you understand what lenders must see for approval, and then offer them one-click solutions if you don’t meet that lending requirement now.

We can assist you with filing for the proper corporation entity, setting up a virtual address, obtaining a phone number, fax number, and toll free number. We also assist in setting up your email address, getting your website up and running, insuring you have the proper licensing, and more all in step 1. We even help you secure a merchant account to accept credit cards if you don’t have one now.

Build Business Credibility - The Business Credit Experts

As you proceed through the step you will be completing an online funding application. Once completed, this application information will then "auto-populate" on to your funding and credit applications as you proceed. This will save a lot of time and make it easy to apply as you only complete an application once, and then that data auto-populates with most of their future credit and funding applications.

All steps including Step 1 give you written and audio instructions. Our Certified Business Credit Advisors roll out the red carpet and use their detailed expertise to walk you through the funding and business credit building process.

What does this mean to you? Your in good hands! As a professional you know this is priceless and gives you the ability to have laser focus on sales and marketing. Time to grow your business!

As you complete step 1 you'll finally know that you have a credible business that lenders will want to lend to. This makes it easier for you to get money for your business starting in step 2.


Step 02: Get Approved For Funding

One of the extremely unique aspects of our finance suite is the cash funding you have access to, and how fast you receive it. You will love the idea of building business credit and limiting personal liability. But even more important, you want cash money for your business and want it quickly.

Our Finance Suite is the only system in the world that combines both business credit building and the acquisition of cash funding to insure you get more money quickly for your business, even with personal credit challenges.

In Step 2 you will complete your funding application by answering questions relating to your business assets and collateral. Once you've complete this step, your full application is then cross-checked with thousands of lenders’ underwriting guidelines and you're pre-qualified for a massive abundance of funding programs including credit lines and loans.

In this step you have access to thousands of different lenders, hundreds of direct finance sources, and millions-of-dollars in funding for your business.

Get Approved For Funding - The Business Credit Experts

Financing you can qualify for: merchant advance, purchase order, accounts receivable, equipment, auto vehicle leasing, inventory, unsecured business credit lines, business loans, business credit cards, SBA loans (up to 12 million), and much more. We start by preparing you for financing by establishing credibility and business planning.

Plus many funding programs are based on the business collateral you have, such as credit card sales or consistent revenue. This lending only looks at the strengths of your business, making it even easier to be approved.

The Finance Suite has money available for business owners with challenged personal credit, and even for brand new startup businesses. The Finance Suite offers cash funding as low as $5,000, and as high as $45 million dollars or more.

All together the Finance Suite offers more funding sources and products than anywhere else. And you have your own certified finance officer to help you navigate your multiple funding options and help you get approved.

By offering such a large abundance of financing sources and products we give you, as a business owner, the best chance of being approved and obtaining funding for your business.


Step 03: Access Your Business Credit Reports

Once you have been approved for business funding, we then help you begin the process of building business credit in Step 3.

The first step in building business credit is to see what is on your business credit reports now. The Finance Suite makes this very easy, and free to do.

You first will access your Experian Smart Business credit reports. This will tell you if there are any trade lines reporting now on your reports, if you have an active credit profile open with Experian, how many inquiries you have on your reports, and more.

Everything you need to know from Experian to build business credit is supplied through this Smart Business monitoring, and you can monitor your credit building in real-time with this feature. Plus the Finance Suite is the only place in the world that Experian actually gives you this data for free.

We even help you access your business credit reports, navigate them, and teach tips and tactics you can implement to get exceptional profiles and scores. And we assist with activating your business credit profiles.

Access Your Business Credit Reports - The Business Credit Experts


Step 04: Start Getting Approved for Business Credit

In Step 4 we help you get approved for new credit in your business name that reports to the appropriate business credit reporting agencies. Much of this credit can be obtained with no personal credit check, and with no personal guarantee required eliminating your personal liability.

The first step in building business credit is to get approved with Net 30 vendors who will give you credit, and who do report to the business credit reporting agencies. Once you're approved and those accounts are used, the accounts are reported and will become your initial trade lines on your business credit report.

A tradeline reported to one reporting agency qualifies as a payment experience, and with 5 payment experiences you can start securing revolving credit cards.

As long as you pay your bills timely, you are awarded with exceptional business credit scores that will help you start getting approved for more revolving credit cards in Step 5.

Start Getting Approved for Business Credit - The Business Credit Experts

You have over 50 vendors to choose from, the largest selection anywhere. And most of those vendors will approve you for credit even if you are a brand new startup business. And with the major sources we supply you with, you can easily find the vendors you want to use to help build your new business credit.

Each vendor in the Finance Suite offers extensive details about their company, reporting, and underwriting criteria. You can see the bureaus that each vendor reports to, you can learn about the products and services each vendor offers, and you can review the vendor’s actual underwriting guidelines so you will know you can be approved before you even apply.

You can even connect with each vendor directly through the Finance Suite in just one-click. And all of your application information auto-populates from the Finance Suite onto your applications for credit, saving you hours of time. So in one-click you can easily submit your applications to your new business credit vendors.

Once your new vendor credit is reported to the business reporting agencies you are then awarded with an exceptional business credit score. We then help you leverage your newly built business credit profile and score to get approved for even more revolving business credit cards in Step 5.


Step 05: Build Your Business Credit to $50,000 or More

It only takes a few months to build your initial vendor accounts in step 4 and have them reporting on your business credit report. Once these 5 new accounts are reporting, you can then start securing revolving credit cards in step 5.

Much of this credit you obtain in step 5 is business credit in your business name, so there is no personal credit check required. And much of the credit can be obtained with no personal guarantee from you eliminating your personal liability.

You will first start with some revolving “starter” accounts including credit cards with retailers such as Staples, Home Depot, Tractor Supply, Shell, Office Depot, and more. As some of these accounts report on your business credit reports, you'll then be able to get approved for even more credit. And you can continue to apply, get approved, and obtain credit in your business name with many well-known retailers, and some they might not have heard of.

Build Your Business Credit to $50,000 or More - The Business Credit Experts

You can be approved for credit with Walmart, Costco, Amazon, Dell, Lowes, Sears, BP, Chevron, Sinclair Gas, Speedway, Sam’s Club, Pitney Bowes, Apple, and many more. You can even get approved for multiple credit cards with Visa, MasterCard, Discover, even American Express.

As you build your business credit in step 5 you will see that many creditors will issue you approvals as high as $10,000. And again, these are credit cards in your business name, and many of them require no personal credit check or personal guarantee from you to be approved.

In the Finance Suite each retailer lists the products they sell, who they report to, and also their underwriting requirements so you will know you can be approved before you even apply. This is the only system in existence that actually lists the real underwriting guidelines for each account, substantially increasing your chances of being approved.


Step 06: Secure Even More Funding for Your Business

Once you finish your business credit building in step 5 you are exposed to more funding programs in step 6. Many of these funding programs will allow you to qualify using your newly established business credit profile and score, so you can get approved with no personal guarantee.

Step 6 is the reward you've worked for. You can now finally separate your business and personal liability and secure money without being personally liable for your business debts. Now you have one of the strongest assets your business can possess, a powerful business credit profile.

This means into the future you will have a much easier time obtaining credit and funding in your business name. You will even start receiving multiple offers from retailers, and Visa, MasterCard, and American Express, for business credit cards in your business name.

Now you can sit back and enjoy running a business with massive amounts of credit and capital backing you, making it even easier to build the business of your dreams.

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